Feedlying Myself Some Delicious Blog-snacks

I got myself a Feedly today. It takes all the delicious posts out there in the blogosphere and brings them together for me, so I don’t miss a bite. Here’s what I’ve subscribed to so far:


These are mostly blogs I found through Twitter. People that I follow and their thoughts. However, I want to point out my thinking on several:

Dan Meyer: He’s kinda the rockstar of math education for some people. Others find him more analogous to the devil, against all that is good and traditional. I like to read his thoughts, play with 3-Act math activities, use his 101qs, and also love Desmos (who employs him).

Michael Pershan: He writes about his experience as a junior high math teacher. He seems to balance traditional and newer pedagogy, and always has an open attitude, with strong questions. Well worth perusing.

Bryan Penfound / Greg Ashman: These two are newer to me in the last month. Articles like this make me question the effectiveness of social media, and if PLNs are actually useful or simply reinforce inherent bias. As a result, I’m trying to branch out into more traditional math instructors, to look at life from the other side. I don’t know if these two are traditional! Still figuring it out.


2 thoughts on “Feedlying Myself Some Delicious Blog-snacks

  1. That title is amazing, Zachary. Also really liked this idea “if PLNs are actually useful or simply reinforce inherent bias”.. I’m going to definitely check those guys out! Sounds interesting! Thanks for the tips!


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