Learning Project: ill-defined but underway


By J.G. Parks – Cassell’s universal portrait gallery: https://goo.gl/Kbmox2, Public Domain

I remember being in Primary, so probably 1996. I was at Dawson Elementary in Pictou, Nova Scotia (named after this fine fellow. I find it neat: he was born in 1820; we went to the same high school).

It was an exciting day for a five year old. The mayor was coming to talk to us. He wanted to explain Nova Scotia’s new recycling and compost system. For waste disposal, Nova Scotia has been ahead of the curve in Canada and, as I recall, Pictou County was a bit ahead of Nova Scotia.

So there I was, a five year old learning how to sort garbage, recycling, and compost. We did it at home (we had had a backyard compost, but public composting meant we could compost more things, like meat and bones). It was great! I loved recycling too, especially refundables. Taking those down to the depot and getting money for them? A kid’s dream.

So I moved to Regina in 2014 and discovered that, starting January 1st, 2015, apartments and duplexes would have to have recycling provided. Public composting? Might get here by 2020. The city does run backyard composting classes though, and publishes a guide on how to do it, so there’s that.

There's a whole section in the guide on vermicomposting, backyard or inside! Just need to like worms.

There’s a whole section in the guide on vermicomposting, backyard or inside! Just need to like worms.

I’ve found it very difficult living here and throwing so much away, not sorting recycling, and generally feeling like a terrible human being (environmentally speaking). So, my learning project is going to be an attempt to correct that.

Here’s where the ill-defined portion of my title comes in. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to be learning during this project – that will be part of the learning. However, I want to reduce my environmental impact, and I see myself focussing on things I can do in the kitchen/around my apartment to accomplish that. We’ll see how it goes!


3 thoughts on “Learning Project: ill-defined but underway

  1. Hey Zach, would you consider starting up your own composting in your apartment? All you would need is two rubber-made containers so the amount of room you would take up wouldn’t be too bad. We are actually doing it in one of our University classes, ESCI 302 and I’ve seen a teacher do it in their own classroom. I really like your topic on your learning project. Currently I have made a pledge to reduce my impact on the environment by taking shorter showers. Instead of letting the water run the whole time I only use it to rinse off any products. Just some ideas! I’m interested on your journey and it’s progression.


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